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Learning and observance of principles of research integrity is the obligation of every researcher. The research institution can support and promote this by shaping an environment that fosters the observance of research integrity. Each researcher can be ultimately responsible only for his/her own choices and decisions. Still, research integrity does not achieve its aims if it is followed only by a few researchers, if researchers are not aware of research integrity, if they consider its observance burdensome or unnecessary. Therefore, the task of the research institution is to support researchers and make sure that the principles of research integrity are actually followed. Researchers must have the possibilities of asking for advice and informing confidentially about possible breaches of principles of research integrity. The research institutions have the right to decide what the fair and proportional reaction is to breaches of principles of research integrity and which procedural rules are the most appropriate for dealing with suspicions of breaches.


5.1 How to promote the principles of research integrity?

5.1.1 The researcher follows the principles and values of research integrity and presumes that his/her colleagues also follow them.

5.1.2 The researcher keeps him-/herself informed about the principles of research integrity and regulations concerning research.

5.1.3 Colleagues set an example to one another with their behaviour, supervise and advise one another on following the principles of research integrity.

5.1.4 Supervisors and leaders of research groups take care that the research supervised by them is in conformity with the principles of research integrity and ensure that the colleagues supervised by them are aware of the standards and regulations concerning research.

5.2 How to react to probable breaches of principles of research integrity?

5.2.1 The researcher informs colleagues or the research institution about probable breaches of principles of research integrity and, if in doubt, asks for advice.

5.2.2 The researcher avoids baseless malevolent or self-seeking accusations against colleagues and considers such accusations contradictory to integrity of research.

5.2.3 The researcher is open and gives explanations about all suspicions concerning his/her breach of principles of research integrity.


5.3 How to promote research integrity?

5.3.1 The research institution provides both students and researchers with training and the necessary auxiliary materials and instructions for following the values and action principles of research integrity.

5.3.2 The research institution supports leaders of research groups and supervisors so that they could set an example and be mentors to colleagues in following the principles of research integrity.

5.3.3 The research institution acknowledges researchers who excel in promoting and disseminating research integrity and also communicate their viewpoints to the public.

5.4 How deal with breaches of principles of research integrity?

5.4.1 The research institution creates clear guidelines for reporting on possible breaches of principles of research integrity and defines clearly who should be approached in the case of suspicions and questions.

5.4.2 The research institution establishes the order of dealing with suspicions of breaches, agrees on sanctions and ensures that the procedures are fair, impartial and transparent. If breaches, including malevolent accusations, are discovered, the research institution applies sanctions agreed upon in relation to the person who breaches research integrity or presents a malevolent accusation.

5.4.3 The research institution protects bona fide suspectors, ensures the confidentiality of dealing with possible breaches and protects the dignity and inviolability of private life of all the parties involved.

5.4.4 The research institution reacts to ascertained breaches immediately, considering the severity of the breach, the earlier conduct of the transgressor, and differentiating between deliberate breaches and honest errors.

5.4.5 The research institution ensures access to information about earlier proceedings and ensures that public information honours the privacy and human dignity of all parties.


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