Ethics: Discovering Right and Wrong

book cover

Author Louis P. Pojman

Translator Tiiu Hallap

Editor Ruth Jürjo

Designer Sirje Ratso

Publisher Eesti Keele Sihtasutus

University of Tartu Centre for Ethics 2005

Language: Estonian

Published with the support of Volkswagen Stiftung

Louis P. Pojman’s book "Ethics: Discovering Right and Wrong" is a textbook of ethics for undergraduates. All the main topics of moral philosophy – moral relativism and objectivism, values, egoism and altruism, deontological, teleological and virtue ethics - are handled in the book very systematically. Also metaethical topics and the relationship of religions to ethics are viewed closely. In addition, the reader can find tips on how to write a philosophical paper.

This textbook is used at the University of Tartu as the main text in teaching the course about the basics of ethics and it is also widely used in other universities and colleges in Estonia and elsewhere in the world.

Also a wider audience might find interest in the book, since the author has been very thorough and skillfully presented examples from everyday life, and from literary and film classics. One should not fear that the book might be too difficult; it is very readable even for people with no prior philosophical education. Ethics should not be limited with what you read or hear in the classroom, it should be used and thought about in our daily life. The author does just that and shows how moral philosophy is connected to our society.

Although there cannot be one right solution or analysis of ethical problems, Pojman’s book sets a good example and gives the reader a method how to think about moral problems.