The Good School Handbook (2016)

Compilers: Margit Sutrop, Helen Toming, Tiia Kõnnussaar

Editors: Tiia Kõnnussaar, Liisi Veski, Helen Toming, Mari-Liisa Parder

Language Editors: Tiia Kõnnussaar, Liisi Veski

Designer: Maarja Roosi

Centre for Ethics, University of Tartu 2016

Language: Estonian

The publishing of this book was supported by the Values Development of the Estonian Society 2009–2013 programme, extension for the years 2015–2020, of the Ministry of Education and Research.


Full text (Estonian):


Centre for Ethics has produced The Good School Handbook in cooperation with experts and practitioners. We began the process with roundtable discussions with school owners and parents, social pedagogues and school psychologists, teachers and pupils, school leaders and support staff, activities coordinators and librarians. 66 people connected to school life in one way or another participated in nine roundtable discussions where we discussed what makes a school a good school.

The roundtable discussions provide the handbook with its structure – there are seven chapters that approach good school from different perspectives. What these chapters have in common is their focus on different roles in school and viewing supportive and encouraging feedback as a key issue.

In the end of each chapter, the reader – be it a teacher or parent, pupil or principal – can find questions to ponder. The chapters are illustrated by examples of issues discussed at the roundtables, examples of analyses submitted to the Good School contest, and summaries of two roundtable discussions.

The perspective of practitioners is introduced by 11 short interviews with teachers, principals, a librarian, an activities coordinator, a lunch lady, a social pedagogue and a school psychologist.

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