Introduction to Political Philosophy

book cover

Author Jonathan Wolff

Translator Tiiu Hallap

Editor Triin Kaalep

Designer Sirje Ratso

University of Tartu Centre for Ethics 2005

University of Tartu Publishing

Language: Estonian

Political philosophy is a branch of practical philosophy that deals with questions of social contract, state, political power, democracy, freedom, property and social justice. Political philosopher’s research object is abstract. The philosopher asks how  the state has come about and how  it stands together. What is the moral justification for such a state? A lot of these kinds of problems remain an open issue and the debate goes on.

The author’s objective is not to present political theories chronologically, but to handle selected questions systematically. He has picked the most absorbing solutions presented throughout history by Plato, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Mill, Rawls and Nozick.

To read and understand this book you need not have prior knowledge of philosophy or political science, that is why it suits very well as a textbook both in high school and university. This book is strongly recommended to present and future politicians who want to gain basic knowledge in political philosophy.

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