Teaching Your Children Values

book cover

Authors Linda and Richard Eyre

Translator Tiia Krass

Translation editors Laura Lilles-Heinsar and Kristi Lõuk

Editor Tiina Viil

Design Merle Moorlat

Centre for Ethics, University of Tartu and Estonian Language Foundation 2014

Language: Estonian

The publishing of this book was supported by the Ministry of Education and Research's program "Values Development of the Estonian Society 2009–2013".

Why would you teach moral values to children?

  • Is it because our parents tried to teach something to us?
  • Is it because this is the traditional way?
  • Is it because they make our society more safe?
  • Is it because we believe in those values?
  • Is it because those values are true?
  • Is it because studies show that behaviour based on morality and values helps to develop independence and self-confidence in children?

Maybe all of those answers are suitable. At least some of them are correct for most of us. But there is yet another reason, a better universal reason which supports all those other reasons. We should teach our children moral values since that is the most important and efficient thing we can do to make sure that they are happy.

The authors Richard and Linda Eyre emphasize that the values parents try to teach to their children have to be agreed upon by the family itself. The Authors mention that parents do not usually grapple with the problem of which values to teach, but rather how to make those values relevant for the everyday life and how to actually teach those values.

For nearly twenty years, Richard and Linda Eyre have been among the most prominent and popular speakers in the world on topics of parenting, life-balance, and family-strengthening. Presenting as many as 100 keynotes, lectures, seminars, and workshops a year, the Eyres are known as much for the interactive and entertaining nature of their presentations as for the content which is based on their New York Times bestsellers. They live with their 9 children in Salt Lake City, Utah and McLean, Virginia.

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