Estonia AND Nordic Countries – Estonia AS a Nordic Country?

book cover

Compilers and editors: Tiia Kõnnussaar, Triin Paaver, Mari-Liisa Parder, Margit Sutrop, Liisi Veski

Language editors: Laura Lilles-Heinsar, Marie Soone, Liisi Veski

Correction: Kristi Lõuk, Heidy Meriste, Marie Soone

Designer: Merle Moorlat

Centre for Ethics, University of Tartu

Publisher: EKSA

Language: Estonian

The publishing of this book was supported by the Ministry of Education and Research programme “Values Development of the Estonian Society 2009–2013”, extension for the years 2015–2020.

A whole generation has passed since Estonia’s independence was restored. Now, more than 25 years later, what are our dreams and ideals? How far are we today from our goal to become a Norse country? Why have tens of thousands of Estonians voted with their legs and have chosen a Nordic country to be their new home? What should be done so that Estonians would be happier in their homeland?

In this compendium, Norse and Estonian top-scientist analyze the formation of the identity of Nordic countries and discuss if Estonia could belong amongst the Nordic countries. What exactly is the widely spoken welfare state model of the Nordic countries? Which value space does Estonia belong to according to the studies?

The second part of the compendium offers interesting and thought-provoking reading: essays and photos from the competition “Estonia AND Nordic countries- Estonia AS a Nordic country”.