Teaching Methods in the Service of Values Education – Why and How?

book cover

Author and compiler Olga Schihalejev

Co-authors Ivika Hein, Juta Jaani, Nelli Jung, Katrin Nielsen, Allan Owens, Egle Säre

Editors Nelli Jung, Mari-Liisa Parder, Laura Lilles-Heinsar, Triin Käpp, Katrin Velbaum

Proofreading Elo Kuuste

Design Tõnis Kärema

Illustrations Elina Sildre

Centre for Ethics, University of Tartu and Estonian Language Foundation 2012.

Language: Estonian

This volume is the second volume in the series which deal with values development. The purpose of this book is to provide support and teaching methods for schools and kindergartens to deal with values development.

The publishing of the book was supported by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research in the course of the national values program “Values Development in the Estonian Society 2009–2013”.