Õnne Allaje-Kukk / Tartu Ülikooli eetikakeskus

Values Game for Estonian people

Centre for Ethics, University of Tartu produced a values game “Eesti rahva sada valikut. Arutelumäng väärtustest“ (eng Estonians’ 100 Choices. Discussion Game about Values) for the general public.

What is this game about?

Eesti rahva väärtuste mängu raamat

“Eesti rahva sada valikut“ is a discussion-based game about values. The game helps to discuss over various serious and not so serious topics in a tension-free and amusing manner. The game has an educational aim and is meant for a broad audience – from teenagers to elderly, from a farmer to city-dweller – with the purpose of sparking discussions between different people, and help us understand others and ourselves better. In addition, the game helps the player improve their argumentation skills.

The player group size is 3–6 players and it can be played in multiple groups. The game consists of books containing the scenarios and playing cards (type cards and number cards).

The scenarios in the game are common situations about family, community, children etc. one encounters in their everyday life. Every situation has a hidden values-dilemma and a choice about loyalties. The composers of the game have offered four possible solutions to every situation, but they are built in a way that all of them are selectable but not perfect – it all depends on players’ personal preference. When playing this game, players become more aware about what kind of moral thinking they prefer in their decision-making.


Centre for Ethics, University of Tartu has previously launched values-games for teachers, students, and medics. Similar methodology has been successfully used with museum workers, military, civil servants, scientist, librarians, university staff, children’s universities and many other groups. Games for teachers and medics were developed in cooperation with Implement Inscape OÜ.