Tima Miroshnichenko

Giving recognition to good schools

Centre for Ethics, University of Tartu organises annual "Good School as Values-based School" and "Good Preschool as Values-based Preschool" recognition programmes.

In this programme, schools and kindergarten can apply for a good school or a good kindergarten quality badge.

The purpose of the recognition programme is to develop skills for evidence-based self-analysis, to support values development in education, and to acknowledge the good work already done in kindergartens and schools. Every school and kindergarten is supported and acknowledged in this process. Critical Friends of the CEUT and the good school project managers will assist the participants in the recognition programme.

As a part of the good school programme, three different quality badges are awarded to the schools and preschools that have showed their willingness to develop and have written a self-analysis report based on the good school model.

Preschools can apply for "Good Preschool Pathfinder", "Good Preschool Developer" and "Good Preschool Expert" badges.

hea lasteaia logod

Schools can apply for "Good School Pathfinder", "Good School Developer" and "Good School Expert" badges.

hea kooli logod


In 2013, the the programme was known as a 'competition' for this quality mark and it was organised for the first time. Previously known as the Good School competition, the self-analysis recognition programme helps the participants to find their strength, peculiarities, development opportunities and focuses. Its aim is to give recognition to the work done by schools and preschools in the areas that have until now received little attention. Nevertheless, these areas are very important: the development of students’ various gifts and abilities to the highest possible degree, formation of students’ social skills and their attitudes in the sphere of values, support of life-long learning, attractive school environment, physical and psychological safety of students, promotion of healthy lifestyles.

The schools and preschools that have received a quality badge from the programme have the right to use the various logos on their homepage and in other school related materials.


The highest recognition in the programme is School of Value Award for exemplary work with values development.