Brigitte Tohm,

School of Values Education Award

Every year, the Board of the National Values Development Programme names a School of Values Education and a Preschool of Values Education.

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Every winner receives the award associated with the title — a dolomite cup that the winner keeps for a year and then passes on to the next year’s winner. The tree that is planted in the cup is transplanted at the winning school or preschool and thus remains there permanently.


When we talk about values education, we talk about love, caring, support and growth. Every child needs supportive environment to grow healthy and happy and so does every tree. Therefore, we decided to give a tree to each winning school and preschool in recognition of their efforts to provide an exceptional environment for the development of values in young people. Above all, we wish to acknowledge the will and the skills that enable to create the environment that supports the development of children as well-rounded persons. At the same time, we wish to emphasise the role of cooperation – relying on each other at school and beyond. For that reason, this tree is presented in a dolomite cup that is passed from school to school every year.

The School of Values Education awards were given for the first time at the values education conference organised in December 2009 by the Centre for Ethics of the University of Tartu.

Values education schools

  • Jõhvi Gümnaasium (Jõhvi Gymnasium): School of Values Education 2022
  • Porkuni Kool (Porkuni School): School of Values Education 2021
  • Pärnu Vabakool (Pärnu Freeschool): School of Values Education 2020
  • Võru Gümnaasium (Võru Gymnasium) and Võru Kesklinna Kool (Võru DownTown School): School of Values Education 2019
  • Kilingi-Nõmme Gümnaasium (Kilingi-Nõmme Gymnasium) and Nissi Põhikool (Nissi Basic School): School of Values Education 2018
  • Tartu Kivilinna Kool (Tartu Kivilinna School) and Haapsalu Linna Algkool (Primary School of Haapsalu): School of Values Education 2017
  • Tartu Kristjan Jaak Petersoni Gümnaasium (Tartu Kristjan Jaak Peterson Gymnasium): School of Values Education 2016
  • Ilmatsalu Põhikool (Basic School Ilmatsalu): School of Values Education 2015
  • Lümanda Põhikool (Lümanda Basic School): School of Value Education 2014
  • Tabivere Gümnaasium (Tabivere Grammar School), Salme Põhikool (Salme Basic School) and Peetri Lasteaed-Põhikool (Peetri Nursery and Basic School): Schools of Values Education 2013
  • Saku Gümnaasium (Saku Gymnasium): School of Values Education 2012
  • Tartu Veeriku Kool (Tartu Veeriku School): School of Values Education 2011
  • Saaremaa Ühisgümnaasium (Saaremaa Co-educational Gymnasium): School of Values Education 2010
  • Rocca al Mare Kool (Rocca al Mare School): School of Values Education 2009

Values education preschools

  • Viljandi valla Lasteaed Päikesekiir (Kindergarten Päikesekiir of Viljandi parish) ja Kiiu Kiigepõnni Lasteaed (Kiiu Kiigepõnni Kindergarten): Preschool of Values Education 2022
  • Raadi Lasteaed Ripsik (Raadi Kindergarten Ripsik) ja Kohila Lasteaed Sipsik (Kohila Kindergarten Sipsik): Preschool of Values Education 2021
  • Ilmatsalu Lasteaed Lepatriinu (Ilmatsalu Kindergarten Ladybug) and Tallinna Endla Lasteaed (Tallinn Endla Kindergarten): Preschool of Values Education 2020
  • Tartu Eralasteaed Terake (Tartu Private Kindergarten TERAKE) and Kõrveküla Lasteaed Päikeseratas (Kõrveküla Kindergarten Päikeseratas): Preschool of Value Education 2019
  • Võsukese Lasteaed (Võsukese Kindergarten): Preschool of Value Education 2018
  • Tartu Lasteaed Lotte (Tartu Kindergarten Lotte): Preschool of Value Education 2017
  • Tartu Luterliku Peetri Kooli Lasteaed (St Peter’s Lutheran Nursery School of Tartu) and Nõlvaku Lasteaed (Nõlvaku Kindergarten): Preschool of Value Education 2016
  • Pärnu Lasteaed Pillerpall (Pärnu Kindergarten Pillerpall): Preschool of Value Education 2015
  • Rannamõisa Lasteaed (Rannamõisa Kindergarten): Preschool of Value Education 2014
  • Tallinna Linnupesa Lasteaed (Tallinna Linnupesa Kindergarten), Tallinna Suitsupääsupesa Lasteaed (Tallinna Suitsupääsupesa Kindergarten) and Lastekeskus Midrimaailm (Private Kindergarten Midrimaailm): Preschools of Values Education 2013
  • Rocca al Mare Kooli Veskimöldre Lasteaed (Veskimöldre Kindergarten of Rocca al Mare School): Preschool of Values Education 2012
  • Eralasteaed Naba (Private Kindergarten Naba): Preschool of Values Education 2011
  • Tartu Lasteaed Pääsupesa (Tartu Pääsupesa Kindergarten): Preschool of Values Education 2010
  • Pärnu Lasteaed Päikesejänku (Pärnu Kindergarten Päikesejänku): Preschool of Values Education 2009